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Earth Day activity “Mobiles Come from the Earth”

For Earth Day, we ran an online activity called “Mobiles Come from the Earth” aimed at kids, but really for anybody over 10 years old. This was the first of the kind that we’ve run, building on educational resources we created together with partners in Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Sweden with European funding from EIT Raw Materials.

Here’s the recording

The event really exceeded our expectations. Firstly, everybody that opened our email instructions attended the event. We had 80 registered participants, and 46 participants who attended live on the day, from a number of different countries, and really great engagement on chat from some of the kids who attended.

There were a couple of technical glitches and learnings, but for the most part using an e-learning platform where we focused on the live chat was really good.

Here are some comments from participants

Really great that you organized this and always like info sessions that are geared towards kids that explain the realities of life!

I liked the animations and where the phone got disassembled

My children liked your graphic animations

The future — working with teachers and museums

We would love to deliver this activity together with teachers, in a sort of virtual classroom.

We think with a simplification of our language (main comment from parent attendees!), this activity works well with pupils towards the end of primary school.

We’re working on longer, more in-depth versions for secondary school students, focused on the following subjects: chemistry, computer science, geography and design and technology. We’d love to partner with teachers in those subjects to refine and deliver these.

If you teach in a primary school or secondary school and are interested, please get in touch.

There is also potentially scope to deliver something like this through museums, targeting young people. Sadly, a couple of “Lates” appearances we’d planned with big London museums have been cancelled. In response, we think we could learn how to produce an interactive online event like this for the 18-25 year old age group as well.

Meanwhile we are sharing the motion-graphics video and the script with our partners in the five other countries, so they can create events for their own local needs.

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