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We’re bringing repair & reuse to Parliament

The UK Houses of Parliament

Following the news can make it feel like people are more divided than ever. But here’s one thing most of us agree on: reusing products and repairing them when they break reduces our impact on the planet, saves us money and can be incredibly rewarding. Repair is a valuable skill that can lead to employment, and volunteer-led repair events like ours help build reslient local communities. It’s no surprise then that four out of five people in the UK want the government to do more to support repair.

But our politicians don’t seem to have noticed.

So we’re bringing repair and reuse to them! On the 7th of May 2024, we’re running a repair event inside the Houses of Parliament to show them first hand why repair and reuse matter and how the right policies can make it more accessible for all of us.

Over the course of the two-hour drop-in event, we’ll invite MPs to learn about:

We’ve teamed up with our partners in the Community Repair Network to make sure that communities across the UK are represented and with refurbished tech seller Back Market to bring in the voice of business too.

We have invited all MPs to drop by. But if you’re based in the UK, we need your help to make sure you local MP comes along. As a constituent, you have real influence when it comes to your MP’s choices.

Please consider asking your MP to attend, using our simple tool below:

This event has now taken place!  The tool to invite your MP is now closed.  A huge thanks to those that invited your MP.

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