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How to repair and maintain a sewing machine

Someone adjusting the tension on a bobbin

Sewing machines are a common sight at Restart Parties, Repair Cafés and other repair events. But while they’re most often used to fix clothes, we’ve also seen hundreds of broken machines that need repairing themselves.

When a sewing machine goes wrong, it’s not always obvious how to get it working again. So we were delighted to welcome back the wonderful Jennie Caminada from Cheekyhandmades to lead this online skillshare session about what to look out for when troubleshooting a broken or malfunctioning sewing machine.

From needle problems and thread quality speed control to adjusting bobbin tension and oiling, we covered the most common problems you’re likely to come across and shared tips for keeping your sewing machine running smoothly.

Catch up on it all with the recording below:

(Can’t see the video above? Watch it directly on YouTube here)

And if you prefer written information, see what our community repair wiki has to say about sewing machines.

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